If making is connecting because it requires a compilation of ideas, brainstorming and sharing than of course, play comes into “play” at this point. When one plays they create, learn and experience. They then share that experience with other after or whilst the interaction is in place.

Ironically, as I am concluding this course with SUNY I am seeing how my making of concepts and creating ideas from the readings is the form of connecting. My creations have aloud me to study, brainstorm, compile and reach out – hence, connecting.

Through this course/mooc I have been able to use the tools and make an imprint as opposed to just receiving the information. This is much like play, because one manipulates the item(s) and creates with them. Therefore, possibly changing concept- imprinting his/her idea upon it. 

The open ended creativity of this course aloud it to be almost a play environment and required much reflection and thought. It is out of the box and is the epitome of creation.

“When we play we are connected to the purest sense of our humanity, the truest expression of our individuality.” (Brown, 2009, p. 5)

Even though I know the mooc is never ending I am grateful for this learning experience within my course work. It has caused me to contemplate, create more and think. It has also opened my eyes to the diversities of people and how we can communicate. Thank you fellow MOOC(ers), to our facilitator, Professor Carol Yeager and to all the endless resources of information and individuals who strive to think and create.

This course has enhanced my capacity to aproach and teach in my classroom in a more creative and diverse way. As per my first blog- “My degree is a Bachelor of Science in Educational Studies and Human Development, with an associates in Early Childhood education. Therefore, I wish to intertwine the content of multiculturalism and discuss the aspects of it in a classroom setting and in education.”

Thank you again for this opportunity.


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