cmc11- creativity, play and today

“Experts say creativity is innate, so it can’t really be lost. But it needs to be nurtured.” Is stated in Are Today’s Youth Less Creative & Imaginative? by By Rachael Rettner of NBC News.

My initial opinion is that technology has stifled the integral aspects of creativity and play. However, this course has proved me wrong. With the amount of creativity, open ended discussions and area to explore one can reach great heights with creativity.  On the other hand technology can inhibit creativity by producing fast answers and creating by a click of a button and therefore, I still feel that individuals, specifically young children need to be introduced to make believe and freedom to create without technology. This needs to be nurtured.

Play and creativity is integral to being able to problem solve and integral to learning. When one plays they are releasing themselves and therefore am able to be more successful and also learn through playing. That’s why play in young children is so important, because they learn what works and what doesn’t – they learn how to create. 

As I write this I recall a video “My Left Foot.” The man in the  video was a paraplegic and was able to produce art work with his feet. He played with his feet in lieu of his hands. His feet were his hands, the medium of the brain.

Through play one is able to distinguish and overcome obstacles. I see this man as one who overcomes his obstacle. Proving thus was the study done with two groups of rats. One group was permitted to play and the other not. When faced with a challenging situation of an intense cat odor the rats fled, only the rats that were exposed to the capacity of play eventually left hiding. The other group of rats remained in hiding and eventually died there. This shows that play allows the brain to be stimulated, grow and allows the individual to take chances and maybe get messy. I have a friend who is always playful and no matter what happens she laughs. She is very productive, but she has the capacity to role with life’s punches without getting too upset. I often joke with her that the sky could be falling and she would be fine.

Creativity is essential to life.


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