CMC11- Global Communication

For me there are several issues at place with global communication however, there two main points that come to mind.

Firstly,  I wonder if our communication within our own is really that successful. How do we communicate with listening as opposed to just hearing? And, how do we communicate when possibly our biased opinion gives us selective hearing. Also, are our thoughts clear in order to communicate? – over time and from much thought they may be… Yet then again our thoughts are construed by our experiences and our opinions. Do we hear what the other person is saying. Therefore, are we ready to become global. I suppose yes, but, we must learn to listen. Have a objective view when listening, which is very hard!

Secondly, I find that technology can be very productive and at the same time possibly confusing. I found my biggest set back in the CMC11 course was the fact that I am not computer savvy. The online programs inhibited me from communicating in my best form. I wonder if this course could be presented differently with a more diverse approach to all individuals computer savvy and not. Technology is a culture of it’s own.

Any thoughts on how to bridge these gaps within the gap??

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