CMC11- Creativity Needs Boundaries …. So Ironic

I find it so ironic that the generalization of a creative person generally gives the idea that the individual is very free and spacy. When in fact, creativity needs structure. Freedom needs structure. Right now we are celebrating the holiday of Passover (Pesach) which celebrates when the Jewish people were redeemed from Egypt after 210 years of enslavement. We eat Matzah which is considered bread of impoverishment because it is flat unlike traditional bread products which rise from yeast like ones ego does. And, we do and keep many other required obligations that are commanded to us by G-d in the Torah (old testament.) Ironic that our lives (meaning mine & other orthodox Jews)  are bound to the Torah and it’s commandments yet we celebrate freedom. (This was a discussion that was posed at my families Passover Seder (Passover ritual meal and practice). Seder literally means “order” as we go through the order of events that happened to the Jews in Egypt and at the redemption. )

Structure facilitates freedom. Just like when you are decorating a room you need the structure of a room in order to create. The structure of Judaism for a Jew allows one to reach different areas that would not be accessible without it. A structure is a compound of regulation or establishment and structure allows room for creativity.

Creativity requires structure so that you can establish what to be creative for. For example, in a buisness meeting one needs structure in order to brain storm. “The issue is…..” “This needs to be fixed …. How?”” We can only use xyz materials…. “

Possibly a more pungent example is the example my Father Dr. Dorfman MD. gave he said that when he was studying Psychiatry one of his workshops invovled laying on the floor and finding the inner depths of himself. The structure was that there was no judgment permitted by others. This allowed him and others to reach deeper within. The structure enhanced creativity.

In a classroom setting Constructivism is when the teacher promotes an answer that she already knows through experiential learning. The structure is the constructivism but the structure supports and enhances the child’s creativity. It leaves open ended room for learning and experiences.

Would love to hear your thoughts. Here is a structure to promote your creativity.

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3 Responses to CMC11- Creativity Needs Boundaries …. So Ironic

  1. VanessaVaile says:

    but remember that not all structure is the same, nor are all learning situations or stages in the learning process. Sonnets are a wonderful example of structure for creativity. English, Spanish and French used the Petrarchan sonnet as model to write poetry in their own languages, which were developing a a written culture and literature. The earliest attempts followed the Petrarch’s model very closely, Then as the sonneteers skills improved, they took off the training wheels and experimented in and with their own languages.

    You want structure that supports not stifles, that allows for experimentation. Create sonnets not cliche ridden sitcoms

    • escstudentfl says:

      I believe structure is positive and any structure that stifles is negative and therefore, may not necessarily fall under the category of structure. I think possibly (though may be wrong) that it falls under an invasive category… or possibly controlling.

  2. As a performing artist I need structure when creating. Structure for me usually comes in the form of certain boundaries or rules I set up for myself so that I don’t go too far away from the goal. If I’m wearing a writers hat then I want to give myself an outline of some kind so that I don’t start writing a story that travels too far away from my original theme. MOst times that is good, it allows me to work within a particular box. Sometimes it might be too restrictive, so like you said above, if i feel stifled by the “box of rules” i’ve set up in the outline then I reconsider and maybe do some improvisations to figure out what I really want to say. I think the same would apply if I was wearing the director hat or the actor hat. It helps me to start with certain boundaries first and see if they are too structured while I’m creating… if that makes sense.

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