cmc11- creativity

To keep log of my opinion of creativity now prior to week 13 I choose to blog with the activity questions. In week 13 let’s see how my opinion will change.

  • What is your definition of creativity? My definition of creativity is the picture above. Creativity is out of the box, beyond the norm. However, the norm was created by someone prior so that is creativity in a sense of it’s own.
  • Are you a creative individual? I believe I am a creative individual. I enjoy thinking out of the box and I like to challenge my mind and do things differently.
  • Do you think creativity can be learned, or is it a trait we are born with? I believe creativity can be learned however, some have a predisposition of being more creative. I believe empowerment promotes creativity.
  • Do you know how to use deliberate creative problem solving as a process? I’m not sure. However, I do know how to problem solve and when I do I think creatively. I think most of society does because they have to figure out how to fix a problem.
  • Does creativity fit with connectivism, your personal learning environment and metaliteracy/transliteracy as a 21st century learning skill? Each of these aspects are within a structure that seems almost infinite. Creativity does fit into each of them. I feel one needs structure in order to evolve/ create. Without some sort of structure one does not grow, they dwindle. 
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